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3D Design and Consultation

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Professional kitchen design and  ultra realistic 3d rendering services.

The best way to visualize your new kitchen design - order a 3d kitchen layout.


- Cabinet elevations on walls

- Plan layout from above 

- Up to 3pcs 3D images from several angles

Styles: Straight, L shape or U shape or Galley shape kitchens.

3d rendering will be as accurate as possible in design software and will reflect the cabinet sizes chosen. Slight variations are possible from actual cabinet styles as software uses standardized colors. 

Included - one extra revision.

Add optional upgrades:

- kitchen island layout Ultimate (framed) + 50$

- kitchen island layout Modern (frameless) + 100$

- additional revisions + 50$ per revision (minor changes)

- kitchen design consultations (150$ per/h)

Fee discounts on cabinetry orders:

3D Framed cabinetry design base fee (up tp 99$) is deducted from an order of a Ultimate (framed) kitchen above 5000$

3D Frameless cabinetry design base fee (up to 199$) is deducted from an order of a Modern (frameless) kitchen above 10.000$

Complete project 3D Design fees (up to 399$) are deducted from an order of a complete kitchen above 15.000$ at current showroom or online prices. Excludes contractor and special occasion discount pricing orders.

(excludes extra revisions, add-on design work, consultation hours and/or site visits)

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Daniel Heenandez
Great design

Amazing customer service