Attention! Announcement: - Latest global developments and return to normal has created a "National shortage of everything" including employee shortage, transportation delays and lack of parts for manufacturing which all are also affecting cabinetry and building material manufacturing and logistics industry-wide. Re-supply of inventory and receiving of some components by our manufacturers is slower as materials are sourced globally, and delays in one territory may create delays in another place. With this, it might take a few days longer for you to receive the orders. Back-ordered items can take even more time as we have no control over the global supply chain and current employee shortages in major shipping hubs. 

We are doing our best to resupply our warehouses and find the fastest ways to deliver our customer orders on time as our warehouses are located Nationwide.

If you are considering an order, we recommend placing your orders faster than later to allow more time for order delivery. Though a 2 - 3 week delivery time for in-stock cabinetry is possible, inventory shortage or warehouse queues can double this time without a prior notice as US logistics is going through these unprecedented times and it is possible that your order can ship anywhere between 10 business days for in-house available inventory and up to 12 weeks or more for certain rare colors or back order items.  Please call if you have questions or want to verify inventory before ordering - 1-888-887-2094. We ask you to be patient and understand as quarantine or government restrictions can pop-up anywhere and any time here in the US without prior notice. We, as a business, have no control over it but will do our best to work out a fastest possible delivery to you.

Be safe & wash your hands :)—the management.

By placing an order with Building Sales Center and Cabinet Sales Center, it is considered that you have accepted these shipping rules and agree to the statement above.

Unlike some of our competitors, we have an extensive inventory of cabinets on-hand. Why wait for months for your new cabinets? Once you've placed your order, Cabinet Sales Center ships unassembled, flat-packed cabinets direct to your home throughout the United States within 10-24 business days (two to four weeks). To get your order together at the warehouse - order processing after it is placed in our store takes 10-20 business days. RTA cabinets ship out of our warehouse locations as fast as possible, typically your order will be delivered in 10-20 business days but longer times are possible.

Depending on the manufacturer, most cabinets this season typically arrive within 2-4 weeks. Still, please allow 5-8+ weeks for extenuating circumstances out of our control, like backorders and delivery delays due to the current pandemic. (For "Special Order Modern RTA" cabinets - Up to 6-12 weeks compared to the timeframes listed above.)

Expedited Order Processing

Expedited order processing is available at an additional rush-order fee that is 150 - 500$ depending on order size and product group. If you are in a rush and need the cabinets, closets or flooring asap, please add a comment in the notes section in your shipping cart or reach out to the project office and after the order is placed we will send you an invoice for the expedited processing, if available. Not all styles can be processed faster. The ones that do are the most popular in-stock styles.

Expedited processing means that we will process your order and prepare for shipping as soon as possible, for in-stock items usually in 4-7 business days compared to 3+ weeks for standard processing and for special order styles in 4-5 weeks compared to 6-10 weeks for standard processing.

Shipping time en-route can take from 3 to 10 business days after your order is completed processing and is based on order size and your location and we can not expedite trucking travel times. If an item from a rush order is in back-order, we will contact you so you can decide weather to ship available items now and backordered items separately for an additional fee or all items together as a regular processing. 

Standard delivery times are expected ETA's and not guaranteed by any US freight carriers. Select freight carriers do offer a guaranteed delivery service and it may be available for extra charge, please inquire for a quote and availability to your zip code and address type (commercial or residential).

Delivery damages
Delivery damages do occasionally occur, though not often. We will take care of replacements (as long as receiving instructions are properly followed and damages are reported BEFORE assembly), but we need time to send them. Typically it takes around 1 week for us to send out the parts for all box and in-stock items and 2-4 weeks for any special order or custom color panels + shipping time needed to deliver your items.

Correct damage documentation guidelines: Please send us a photo and description of the damaged part showing the damage with its packaging on the background so that we can see the code on the box & a 2nd shot with a more close-up photo with measuring tape for reference.

Since these things are inevitable and out of our control, we can't be responsible for any delays, additional costs, labor, or other inconveniences on your project that might be experienced. As a result, so please plan accordingly.

At Cabinet Sales Center, we're dedicated to providing our customers with quality kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity cabinets at a price our customers can afford, and we promise to exceed your expectations with our quality and superior customer service. Whether you're looking for pre-assembled cabinets or ready-to-assemble cabinets and additional product groups available from our Building Sales Center, we are your one-stop online shopping solution for flooring, appliances, composite decking, furniture decor, and in South East US and Caribbean region also for windows and panelized house building systems.

Cabinet Sales Center and Building Sales Center is more than just a great place to find discount kitchen cabinets. We're dedicated to providing the support you need to make your kitchen or bathroom remodel a success.

Shipping fees
Each order will have a shipping fee based on the weight and distance of delivery.

Once you place the order - shipping options are offered at the check-out or calculated for you individually. We can send you an email with the shipping estimate, and the expected time of delivery will be updated once the order is prepared for shipping. Please provide a complete shipping address for accurate shipping pricing at check-out or when quoting a project.

RTA cabinet shipping rates

The flat-rate shipping fee of 150$ - 390$ applies to all RTA (ready-to-assemble, flat-packed cabinets) orders of cabinets depending on region and weight of the order unless the order size qualifies for our free Standard shipping or special promotion is used, or cabinets are picked up at one of our warehouse locations. Cabinet Sales Center is constantly adding new pick-up locations - please inquire, call 1-888-887-2094.

You can also use our shipping promotion codes for different shipping prices, if available.

Processing times

Ultimate and Plus RTA orders typically ship to you in ten to twenty business days from the day the order is processed. Shipping times are typical but not guaranteed. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for order processing before items are prepared to be shipped out. Expedited processing is available for an additional fee. In times of no congestion, we will do our best to ship your order even faster.

Modern European cabinets have different shipping times than our Framed cabinets: Modern European and frameless shaker in-stock styles & cabinet boxes can ship out of our warehouse locations as fast as possible, typically received in 10-25 business days. (Special order color panels will ship within 6 to 12 weeks typically with an exception of Cava shaker style and custom J-pull doors that can take longer).

Traditional RTA cabinets ship anywhere between 15 - 30 business days. (three to five weeks). Please ask your Cabinet Sales Center project manager for exact shipping details.

Once en-route, you will receive an additional email with the tracking information. Some carriers provide tracking information after 24-48h or 1-2 business days from the actual departure date, so you might get a call for local delivery arrangements from the carrier sooner than expected. This also means that automatic tracking information email may reach you on the evening of the following business day after the items are en-route to you. (Please note that during state and national holidays and long weekends, tracking might not be updated. Please also note that a business day in your state might be a holiday in the shipping-from state & there can be no updates during weekends.)

An external third party carrier implements shipping as a curbside delivery, and carrier rules will apply. If not stated otherwise in writing - the client is responsible for unloading the truck and carrying the items in-house. Liftgate service has to request additionally, and it costs between 50-100$. Please inform us if you think a semi-truck might not get close enough to your house. In this case, we offer two options: pick-up at the closest terminal at no additional charge to our standard delivery fees, or you can order a special delivery that typically costs between 90 - 200$ in addition to our standard shipping rates.

Any free shipping promotions apply only for standard size cabinet orders on 48" long pallets. In case if your order has a longer item, for example a pantry cabinet or a longer filler, panel or trim that requires an extended length 96" pallet, a shipping surcharge of 150-390$ can be added to your order for the difference regardless of the order size. We try to avoid these charges if possible but increased shipping costs in the recent months sometimes can exceed our shipping allowance per order. 

Climate events like snowstorms, mudslides, or hurricanes can impact delivery times. Delivery times are not guaranteed and not a valid reason for a claim, but we will do all we can to process your order as fast as possible. Guaranteed delivery time services may be available for extra charge from select freight carriers, please inquire and our team can provide you the options. 

Please note that on the day of delivery Client is responsible for receiving the order. Our shipping company will attempt to call you before delivery if possible. Calls can come also from 800 series or restricted numbers, please check your phone settings if you have silenced unknown number calls. A repeated delivery attempt can also be charged if no one was at the address at the pre-arranged delivery time - subject to the freight carriers discretion and is sole responsibility of the client.

International deliveries

We deliver the orders to the US-based shipping terminal for deliveries to Islands and other regions and countries. The customer has to provide a valid booking with an overseas or international shipping company that will accept the delivery on behalf of the customer. We will consider the receiving third party as a customer and consider the delivery finalized once the receiving party has signed off on the delivery receipt. No further claims or returns can be processed for international or island deliveries if any damages are not reported by the receiving agent while the shipment is still in US territory. We can send our approved spare parts and replacement parts to clients' agents in the US according to our warranty and replacement part rules, and for an additional fee, we can send spare parts needed for assembly, such as hinges glides, etc. also overseas if package is UPS small parcel sized.

Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and other island and remote territories

Shipping is possible for all items and addresses that are accepted by UPS or USPS. In case if a shipping cost exceeds a typical continental shipping rate for a similar sized item, we may contact you for additional shipping arrangements and fees. Shipping of larger orders (typically exceeding 70 lbs) are handled case by case by our logistics team. Shipping quotes may have to be obtained from carriers and additional shipping fees may apply. In most cases we would ship a larger order to your selected shipping carrier just like with international shipments as mentioned above.

Delivery days
Deliveries are available only on business days of the shipping company's regional office. If delivery was not successful on a Friday or the day before a local holiday, the shipping company would resume operations the next business day. This is considered a normal delivery procedure.

National or regional holidays both in the originating and delivery destination can impact the shipping and delivery times.

In case of an unsuccessful delivery attempt, the shipping company has the right to charge a storage fee for storing your shipment at the local terminal closest to your delivery location until the next delivery attempt if the client could not receive the shipment. Those fees are to be sent to the customer directly by the shipping company, or if charged to us, we will bill these charges to you in the same amount as received plus credit card processing fees.

Unassembled RTA cabinets come in standard flat-packed boxes, usually on a pallet, and are "ready to be assembled" with all parts flat packed.

Shipping of Assembled Cabinets

Shipping rates are different for assembled cabinets compared to RTA - flat-packed cabinets. Assembled cabinet shipping costs will be added to the invoice by your project manager at the time of order if you are ordering via our office and if can not be selected at the online store's check-out. If you have placed an online-order for RTA cabinets and have requested a pre-delivery warehouse assembly service in the comments - additional shipping and assembly costs & time will be calculated and invoiced together with the assembly costs. Assembly & shipping upgrade invoice has to be paid for us to start the pre-delivery assembly. Assembly adds on average 5 to 10 business days and is implemented based on our warehouse assembly rates and speed capacity. Typical assembly cost if not specified otherwise is 15% of the order value. Sometimes assembly is available right away, sometimes a larger project or regional restrictions or holidays can delay the start of assembly for a few days.

For made-to-order individual manufactured cabinets, shipping times will be specified with your project manager individually.

Assembled cabinets will be shipped on pallets. Shipping promotions do not apply for assembled cabinets and there is always a shipping fee that can be between 10 to 30% from your order value regardless of order size or dollar value. Please ask for a quote from our sales team - call 1-888-887-2094.

Shipping Exceptions

Some parts we do not ship separately. For example, moldings, larger pantry or island size panels, most 1/4" panels, including refrigerator panels and island back panels, have to be shipped together with the main order of cabinets due to a bigger risk of damage if shipped separately. If you need these parts afterward, you can pick them up in one of our locations, ask for special shipping arrangements or they can be added to another shipment bound to a destination near you (which can take a few weeks). Please ask our project managers for an individual solution should you need these parts as they are handled case-by-case.

Partial shipments

In some cases, your order can be shipped in two or more parts and cabinets may arrive on different days. This is considered normal delivery and can happen from time to time if there is a backorder on some of the items or items ordered are shipped from different warehouses.

Partial shipments frameless semi-custom lines

By a popular demand we have added an option for two part shipping on for frameless cabinet orders in our Modern, Gola and Frameless Shaker lines. You have the option to choose to ship the cabinet boxes before custom color cabinet panels & doors. Even though a 2nd shipping fee will be calculated and invoiced prior to these arrangements, a two part shipment can be a good options shud you want to speed up your installation and for example get the boxes in and countertops templated while the custom doors are still being manufactured.

If an order consists of more than one cabinet line

Shipping rates are calculated per cabinet line, and we advise to place orders for each cabinet line separately as they ship from different locations. If you place an order from two or more lines in the same purchase - shipping will be calculated for each line separately, and we can send you an additional shipping invoice for the second line in this case after the order is placed online with an exception if you order two different colors of the same cabinet line.


V1. You placed an order for Ultimate Shaker White cabinets for a kitchen and Ultimate Charleston Classic White cabinets for a home office - shipping will be the same as both styles come from the same line.

V2. You placed an order for Ultimate Shaker Gray kitchen cabinets and Traditional RTA line Dark Cherry bathroom vanities. In this case, shipping will be calculated for each line separately. Should you qualify for free shipping under one line - the other line will have standard shipping fees unless it also reaches the required free shipping volume.

Order review and reporting any missing items

While we know that installations can be lengthy and often involve also other works and sometimes works before cabinets can be installed are not finished on time, we do require our clients to review the order and check for any missing or damaged parts as soon as order has arrived or at latest in 7 days or 1 week's time from receiving the order. This allows us to quickly follow up and send out any necessary parts quickly.

Please note that custom color panels & parts can take longer than standard in-stock parts & colors.  

We do understand that in some cases you need more time and a 30 days time is the maximum for any installation related or wrong size, non-fit or missing part claims. Same time frame is suggested for any additional item inquiries in case you need more materials for your build-out. Any such claims or reports have to be sent in via email with added photos and detailed descriptions. We will process your inquiry as fast as possible and reply via email with ETA.

Any later inquiries can be considered a new order.

We will do our best to accommodate your order or inquiry as fast as possible but please note that from time to time our suppliers change the available styles and lead times of certain custom colors without prior notice.

While you are here, you might want to read our Return policy.

***Special note for holidays, winter or summer climate events, and end of the year shipping surges - Volume typically increases when significant holidays approach and back orders are more likely than usual. Also, with more packages and shipments moving from place to place, shipments can take a few days longer than expected. As cabinets are transported to you directly from our warehouses or manufacturers, they sometimes travel vast distances across regions where different climate events might occur than at your location. We recommend timing your purchase to allow as much extra time as possible (3-4 weeks recommended, 2 weeks minimum) for the potential delays that might be experienced when ordering your cabinets around holiday times of the year.

We can't be responsible for any delays on your project that might be experienced due to said delays or damages, so please plan accordingly.

High-end custom cabinet shipping times

Our custom cabinets and doors are made to order and will be manufactured directly for you in 8 - 16 weeks. The shipping price will be calculated individually at order confirmation. Custom order shipping rules will be provided to you by your project manager individually unless our advertisements and promotions specifically mention custom cabinets.

If you have questions regarding shipping policies, please contact us for additional details by calling 1-888-887-2094.

Sample doors shipping

We offer sample doors for most of our in-stock styles. Please inquire. Prices vary by style. Sample doors are sent using UPS or FedEx, and the RTA cabinet sample door shipping cost is 25$ for one door or 39$ for up to three doors. Sample kit shipping rates will be calculated based on your location, and a separate shipping invoice will be sent to you. Samples are sent out only after shipping is paid for. In many cases, sample door costs are credited at the actual cabinet order placement at the manager's decision or if sample doors are returned in good condition (customer is responsible for return shipping and packaging costs).

Sample doors ship out typically in 1-2 business days and can take 2 weeks from placing the sample door order depending on sample inventory.

Shipping of other materials

Shipping of Windows, Flooring, Appliances, Furniture & Decor items varies from project to project. Special order items typically have longer shipping times compared to in-stock standard products. For example, in stock, rigid core flooring can ship within 1 - 2 weeks, whereas custom windows take currently 3-6 months to be manufactured before shipping out.

Composite decking materials ship based on our distribution warehouse delivery schedule. Usual shipping times are from one to three weeks.

Appliances ship based on availability in the region and manufacturer estimated times of delivery. Please inquire with your project manager for more detailed delivery estimates. 


By placing an order with Building Sales Center's Cabinet Sales Center store, it is considered that you have accepted these shipping rules.