Return policy

By placing an order with Building Sales Center and Cabinet Sales Center it is considered that you have accepted our shipping rules and this return policy.

Assembled cabinets or cabinets with attempted assembly markings or doors with handle holes CAN NOT be returned or refunded. Also any special order, custom color or discount and final sale items from any product group can not be returned. 

Any other materials have to be in their original packaging, unused, un-cut, without any signs of using the materials in a jobsite, that includes, but not only: screw, nail marks, dirt, paint or cement or any other splashes or stains or odors, grease, oil or any glues. Packaging or the material itself has to be in good condition as received. 

Unused, unassembled products  can be returned in 10 days time only since taking delivery as long as they are in good condition and in their original packaging.  PLEASE NOTE: The return shipping arrangement and costs will be the responsibility of the customer. Returns on these items will be subject to return shipping charges and a 25% restocking fee. 

If you return an item that was offered with free shipping, the original outbound shipping costs will have to be paid and will be deducted from your refund.

Once your return request is submitted, please wait for an  email from us within 2-4 business days to confirm the return and return address will be provided if your return meets the necessary criteria. Additional photo evidence might be required. Please do not send back any items without our confirmation. Any product sent without a confirmation will be rejected and returned to the sender at sender's expense.

Please verify that you have received all products ordered and they are in the agreed condition before doing any installation or assembly. 

Responsibility for measurements

The company is not responsible for the accuracy of the measurements made by customers. Our quoting and design teams can only work based on the information you have submitted. Before placing an order we assume that customers have checked the accuracy of the cabinet order or quote to match the actual situation at the location of the installation. If you are not sure of certain dimensions - please order a narrower cabinet plus a filler.

Responsibility for color match

We do our best to provide the most accurate information on the color and texture of our products. If you are in doubt we do offer sample service and you can request more photos or videos in different lighting and even side-by-side comparisons of different samples from our project managers for you to make an as informed choice as possible. An order placement with Building Sales Center and Cabinet Sales Center is a confirmation that the client has made an informed decision and has accepted the color based on information provided.  

Important - Building Sales Center, Cabinet Sales Center and Flooring Sales Center can not take responsibility of any quoted sizes to fit your installation site nor we can take responsibility that our design plans will be accurate if we have not provided a measuring service by our certified installers and the measuring service has not been ordered and payment for the service processed through the store with a received order confirmation via our store notification or an email confirmation. 

Some items that are special order or custom order door styles - made to order or that are on discount or final sale can not be replaced or refunded and are sold as-is. Please consult your customer care representative for details. 

Damaged Products 

Our intention is to ensure your items are delivered in perfect condition. In the unlikely event that some items of your order would be damaged when you picked them up or order is delivered - we will make every effort to help you obtain the necessary replacements as quickly as possible at no extra cost to you.

We will do all possible to accommodate your part replacement but we do need your cooperation:

Cabinets or other products  that are damaged at delivery are replaced free of charge if manufacturer is accepting the replacement request. Any requests have to be made not later than 7 days time from the delivery and before any assembly. The same applies for missing trim or parts. If you have started to assemble -  all responsibility is transferred to the cabinet installer. Some parts are available to be purchased separately where as other come only with a new set of a complete item.

For flooring, decking boards, moldings and kick boards or other items that are meant to be cut for installation it is acceptable if ends are slightly damaged, rubbed or cracked at transportation. Tile products - tiles are fragile and for tile up to 7% damage is accepted as normal. Please make sure you always order at least 10% more any material. In some installation cases even 20% more material is required. This relates also to cabinetry crown moldings, toe-kicks, flooring boards, decking boards. If you are unsure, please ask our team for advise to calculate the right amount. Always order at least one stick more of trim or boards than you have calculated as single boards can not be shipped alone.

In most cases you are required to provide photos via email in order to fulfill your replacement requests. Photos are generally requested to confirm the extent of damages for the manufacturer to determine if replacement parts or a full unit replacement is required. Please take a photo of the item in question with its original packaging box in the background so that the item code on the packaging is visible and send it to + an itemized / part description email is the best way to get a faster replacement part. In case we will not receive a detailed and clear part replacement inquiry we will attempt to contact you for clarification of parts needed. If client is not reachable by our technical department by phone or email and is not providing additional information that we have requested within 5 business days we will close the case as solved this also relates to lack of written reply, abandoned emails or not provided answers by the customer if our team has asked for additional evidence.

Other items

Other items that are not cabinets can be returned unused in the original packaging in 10 days time provided that they are not custom made - please note that only standard stock products can be returned. Special order items made to fit customer's provided dimensions and specifications can not be returned. This can include pre-cut boards, panels, moldings, aluminum systems, windows, pre-cut decking, basically any product that is custom made.  

Refunds and Canceling  We do not offer refunds, we offer store credit for other products that you can use in our store in 90 days time.

Due to our commitment to process orders quickly, there is a limited period of time in which your order can be canceled. We are only able to accept cancellation requests via phone and email within 24 hours of the original order placement only. 

All cancellations will be confirmed in writing: if you have not received an email confirmation, your order has not been canceled. Cabinet Sales Center is unable to cancel an order once it has been processed for delivery or been assembled for delivery.

If we are unable to cancel your order as requested, you may return the product under our Standard Return Policy. If your order has successfully been canceled, Cabinet Sales Center will process the refund back to the original method of payment within 5-15 business days.

Order review and reporting any missing or damaged items

While we know that installations can be lengthy and often involve also other works and sometimes works before cabinets can be installed are not finished on time, we do require our clients to review the order and check for any missing or damaged parts as soon as order has arrived or at latest in 7 days or 1 week's time from receiving the order. This allows us to quickly follow up and send out any necessary parts quickly.

Please note that custom color panels & parts can take longer than standard in-stock parts & colors. 

We do understand that in some cases you need more time and a 30 days time is the maximum for any installation related or wrong size, non-fit or missing part claims. Same time frame is suggested for any additional item inquiries in case you need more materials for your build-out. Any such claims or reports have to be sent in via email with added photos and detailed descriptions. We will process your inquiry as fast as possible and reply via email with ETA.

Any later inquiries can be considered a new order and any later claims are considered as standard warranty procedure.

We will do our best to accommodate your order or inquiry as fast as possible but please note that from time to time our suppliers change the available styles and lead times of certain custom colors without prior notice.


Wood is nature, cabinets may vary in color, texture and grain. 

Painted finishes - wood will undergo expansion and contraction. As such, finish stress lines may become visible on cabinets, especially at the joints. These are not considered a defect. 

Storage after delivery

Once products are delivered customer is responsible for the storage in dry place in normal room temperature. Storing the cabinets in garage or storage without humidity control can damage the product and panel warping is possible. If you need to store cabinets unassembled due to general renovation, please take the necessary steps to provide humidity control. As we can not be sure about your storage conditions any claims can be processed only in the first 7 (seven) days after taking delivery. There are absolutely no returns possible after 10 days have passed since you have taken delivery. If you have questions, please ask our project managers and we will try to accommodate any reasonable claims.

While you are here you might want to read our Shipping policy.

Custom manufactured items including cabinets, windows and any other custom product  have different return and exchange policies and mostly are handled under manufacturers warranty conditions and can not be returned once your order enters production.  Custom cabinet doors or specific hardware may have warranty that varies in length based on materials used. For some hardware and components of cabinets even up to 12 year warranty is possible and written so in your order confirmation sheet. Custom cabinet hinges and glades also have their own warranty rules from minimal to lifetime warranty. Please inquire about custom manufactured item warranty rules at your sales representative before placing an order for Custom cabinets. 

Due to increased online fraud any attempt to process a chargeback instead of following our return policy or without a proper reason or without prior contacting us in writing and following our return policy or not returning the delivered items as per return rules set in this return policy and in the set time frame and not actively working with our store for a solution will be considered as intentional fraud and will cause legal action even if the initial chargeback is resolved in customers favor. 

By placing an order with Building Sales Center and Cabinet Sales Center it is considered that you have accepted our return policy and our shipping rules.